Restaurant Trogir Croatia

Guided by the philosophy of urban we have tried to create a pleasant place that we would enjoy. The restaurant exudes a combination of modern tones that are incorporated in the preserved perspective constructionfrom the early 19th century. It is divided into three segments: the inner part that you can enjoy the view on our wine bar, romantic garden surrounded by the architecture of ancient times and aromas of the Mediterranean and the front part where you can feel all the energy of the city of Trogir. In all three segments we try to create a comfortable environment to enjoy the culture of the table.

Najbolji restoran u Trogiru
Vinski podrum u Trogiru

Our kitchen…

Basis of Calebotta kitchen is Dalmatia. The food you’ll love the Calebotti are classics in which according to culinary trends we try to create an unforgettable experience for the palate, giving our dishes distinctive stamp. Our offer includes fish specialties, delicacies of raw fish, clams and prawns, local Dalmatian cuisine dishes, homemade pasta and gnocchi and the inevitable grilled Beef and Tuna steak. By carefully selecteting fresh and local groceries, preparing them with minimal intervention, we try to keep in each grocery and meal simplicity and delicacy flavor of Dalmatia